FAQ - teknikol COMMANDER

After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with you app attached. Open the email from your Android device and click the .apk file in your attachment. Android will recognize the .apk file and prompt you for install. Another option is to log in to teknikol.com from you mobile browser and click the .apk link in the 'account' page. Note, that you may have to allow out-of-market installs on your Android device.
teknikol is continually working toward a HART DD mobile host application. Market demand will drive this effort and completion date.
To see if teknikol COMMANDER will run on your device you can download the free version from the Google Play store. The free version is limited, but provides you full ability in testing Android device compatibility.
This error occurs when your Android device loses connection with your Bluetooth modem. This can be a result of the Bluetooth modem turning off, or straying outside of the device's range. Some devices automatically turn off if left alone for too long as an energy-saving feature. The range of Bluetooth devices may vary. Please check the data sheet for your modem for more information.
The HART Protocol only supports one Primary and one Secondary Master. If more than one of each are on the same HART network, the behavior of the protocol is undefined. If you receive this message, please check that you do not have more than one of each type of HART master online before attempting to reconnect to the device.
Currently, we only work with the MACTek Viator Bluetooth modem. We plan to support other Bluetooth modems in the near future.
Some android devices have issues with built-in bluetooth functionality. This can typically be fixed by resetting the bluetooth software module by navigating to the "Settings" app and turning bluetooth off, then on again. You can avoid this problem in the future by ensuring you have the latest software and firmware for your Android device. If you still cannot find your modem, you may need to turn the modem off, then on again.

FAQ - PowerXpress

The HART PowerXpress quick connect field device power solution was designed to simplify field device configuration and troubleshooting for 2-wire powered HART field instruments.

The PowerXpress quickly provides HART compatible power and the necessary HART load resistor with two easy connections 1) USB port and 2) Mini-grabber connection to the field device. Your device is powered and HART compatible.

Attaching your modem and milliamp meter with plugs to the PowerXpress allows you to quickly and easily configure your HART devices. The milliamp meter is connected without breaking the mA loop.

There are two sets of jacks on the PowerXpress. The black "banana" jacks (HART jacks) allow you to quickly connect your HART modem to the PowerXpress for reliable and convenient access to HART device communication. The red and black "tip" jacks (mA jacks) allow you to plug in a milliamp meter using its standard tip probes, without breaking the mA loop. Now you're completely hands free to operate your laptop or handheld HART communicator.

Many users now configure their HART devices using laptop PC's with USB ports. The PowerXpress USB plug is designed to draw power from your PC's USB port.

In addition and included with your PowerXpress kit is a 110VAC to USB power adapter. The power adapter is plugged into a standard wall socket and the PowerXpress is plugged into the USB port on the adapter.

The AC/USB adapter is particularly useful when using a handheld configurator for device configuration. You can still attach your milliamp meter to the PowerXpress without breaking the mA loop

The black pair of banana jacks allows you to easily connect your HART modem to the field device. Using the included banana plug adapter kit you can convert your HART modem to banana plugs and still use it with mini-grabbers, also included. Thus eliminating the chance that the HART modem might come loose during configuration or troubleshooting.

The red and black tip jacks allow you to connect a milliamp (mA) meter directly to the mA field device loop using the mA meters standard tip (0.080") probes. No need to break the mA loop for connection and no chance that your mA meter will come loose during configuration or troubleshooting.

When connected to the milliamp (mA) tip jacks you will be able to directly read the field device current with your mA meter (not provided) without breaking the loop or powering down the device. The readings will be in the familiar 4-20mA range to agree with typical values provided by device vendors during mA trim adjustments.

The green LED confirms that power is being supplied from the USB port and is powering the PowerXpress.

The PowerXpress is designed to provide HART compatible power up to 42mA. The PowerXpress is short circuit protected to avoid damage even if the output mini-grabbers are shorted together.

The banana plug/mini-grabber kit (included) allows you can convert your existing HART modem to have banana plugs for quick and reliable hands free connection to the PowerXpress. By attaching the supplied mini-grabbers to the banana plugs you can still use your HART modem in the conventional way.

The red mini-grabber is connected to the field device (+) positive power supply terminal.

The black mini-grabber is connected to the field device (-) negative power supply terminal.

Nominally 24Vdc, with 42mA max current.

The PowerXpress is internally current limited to avoid damage. We don't recommend shorting out the mini-grabbers as it could shorten its overall life, but it is protected.

At a 20mA current load from your HART field device the USB port current draw will be nominally 125mA. Note: USB 2.x compatible ports are designed to supply up to 500mA from each powered port.

Yes. In HART multi-drop mode the PowerXpress is connected to one of the devices and the other devices are then connected (in parallel) to the powered device. Note: When in multi-drop mode the current draw from each device is fixed at 4mA, therefore you can connect up to 10 devices without exceeding the 42mA PowerXpress current limit.

NO! The PowerXpress is for use only in a general purpose area or one that has been tested and found safe according to the hot work permit procedures developed by your company.

The PowerXpress warranty is 1 year from date of purchase. Please call 678-637-9062 to report any problems.

No, the PowerXpress is designed to supply the required device power. However, in many cases when working in the field many powered devices do not include the necessary HART load for communication. In this case you can disconnect the field power and connect the PowerXpress to supply power and create the HART network for local device configuration.

If the PowerXpress green power light is not on, the USB port is not supplying power. On some PC's the USB ports can be turned off. Try using another port or reconfiguring your PC to turn on the necessary USB port. You may also use the included 110Vac/USB adapter to power your PowerXpress.

The PowerXpress does not require any software or drivers and no PC configuration is required.

No. The PowerXpress is designed for HART devices only. It will not damage a Foundation fieldbus H1 device nor a PROFIBUS PA device, but communication is not guaranteed.


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