An Android communicator for your HART device. Unlock the capability of the COMMANDER application with this full version.

  • -Re-range Primary Variable
  • -Analog Output (Loop Current) Trim
  • -Loop Test
  • -Primary Variable Sensor Zero

Price: $200.00

A free Android HART communicator for your field device. Get the free version to connect, poll, and read and write limited HART device data.

Price: $0.00

teknikol COMMANDER Free App

The PowerXpress is a complete and flexible power solution kit that quickly delivers the required power to smart devices and provides the required HART network load needed for device configuration and commissioning. PowerXpress reduces multiple device connections and simplifies the process for quick, easy, safe and reliable device communication. It works with your existing handheld or PC-based configuration software applications.

  • Model: H100USB
  • 1 year MFG Warranty

Price: $400.00

Provides wireless access to HART field device information using Bluetooth technology for easy device configuration and troubleshooting.

  • Model: 010040
  • 1 year MFG Warranty
  • $500.00 $20 OFF, limited time only

Price: $480.00

The VIATOR USB HART Interface is a PC link that lets HART application software communicate with any HART instrument via your PC's USB port.

  • Model: 010031
  • 1 year MFG Warranty
  • $463.00

Price: $430.00

Viator USB HART Interface with PowerXpress is a Interface for commissioning, calibrating, and acquiring data from HART field devices

  • Model: HM-MT-USB-PWRX-010031P
  • 1 year MFG Warranty
  • $669.00

Price: $650.00


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